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Important Notice: We're now in prelaunch and currently accepting a total of 6,915 members to participate in our Beta version - registration is free.

The contextual ad networks you knew is a thing of the past and here's your chance to earn an income by doing more than just advertising your business or publishing ads on your website.

Aside from everything you've learned about becoming a FAN advertiser or publisher, here are some highlights you will never see anywhere else:

  • You can register as both an advertiser and publisher. You can even switch back to one or the other at any time, but if you register as both, you will be able to transfer your funds back and forth.
  • Publishers can use traffic exchanges and autosurf sites while displaying FAN ads. Please see TOS for this.
  • Publishers can choose a specific range of PPC they wish to earn.
  • Enjoy our viral Video-Wow-Factor: When a publisher places a video ad on their website and a visitor likes it, they can click on a link to "Share this video" and will have the option to email it to a friend or take the code and display it on their own website/blog. What happens now is every time a click is generated by that visitor's website/blog the original publisher still earns the money! Guess what? When that code gets copied and placed on another website or blog, the original publisher still gets paid for all the clicks.

    That's not all! Instead of charging the advertiser for those additional click-throughs, we'd even give up our own profit and giving it back to you. For instance, if you chose to pay $0.10 a click and the video is clicked on from the visitor's website, you would only pay $0.06, which is the exact amount our publishers are paid.
  • Publishers are paid an additional $0.01 for every vote they make when approving or disapproving an ad in their specified category.
  • We've also created an ad network manager where you can control who you want to deliver the ads to your website/blog. Even if we are not your number one provider, we'll respect that and allow you to do what you have to do to make a living. That's how fair we are! Even when we take our site down for maintenance, you will still make money.
  • We'll help you qualify your referrals by sending them a reminder every 3 days to activate their account. After 30 days though, they will finally be removed from our notification list.
  • When your advertiser funds go low (according to your specifications) we will send you a notification.
  • Advertisers have the option allow their account to go into the negative (max of -$10) to prevent your ads from halting when it is needed most. You'll also receive notifications for this.
  • And finally, we have the upgraded membership to Master Marketer:
    • You can view your top ad statistics of up to 100 instead of only 25. This is not your ad channels, this is an additional feature.
    • You can see what the most responsive types of ads (including second and least popular) - regular members won't see this. This will help you determine what to use without wasting your money.
    • You can see the most popular categories and sub-categories. This can help you create niche websites and businesses that would focus specifically on these categories.
    • You can see company statistics free members and guests will never know:
      a. # of advertisers
      b. # of publishers
      c. # of campaigns
      d. # of ads served
      e. Total paid out to publishers
    • You can send emails/messages to all referrals twice a week. The limitation will prevent anyone from abusing the system.
    • You can block emails/messages from sponsor. Hey, when you're a "master marketer" you don't want to be the one still receiving messages from your referrer, do you? You can if you want. The option will be available. Free members will not.
    • Your interstitial ads are free (normally $5 setup fee for each campaign). Since interstitial ads are one of our most powerful methods of marketing, you'll want to take advantage of this. If you were to create 20 of these campaigns, you'd be saving $100 just setting them up.
    • Your rich media ads are free (normally $5 setup fee for each campaign). Our rich media (video) ads will also be an arsenal you don't want to let go.
    • As an added bonus, your specified website will be shown every time a member logs out of his/her account. It's kind of like a pop-up, but instead of popping up, they would go directly to your website. This won't cost you any additional fees! You can add up to 3 domains for rotation.
    • One more benefit is, instead of earning 60% of every click and every action, you'll earn 70%! That's unheard of in any ad network.
    • You'll also even get to use our co-registration system at a 50% discount!


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