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Important Notice: We're now in prelaunch and currently accepting a total of 6,930 members to participate in our Beta version - registration is free.

We are serious about helping you increase your business regardless of whether you are an advertiser or a publisher. That is why we work so hard to unite you with your other half. You obviously need each other.

Fair Ads Network (FAN) is a contextual ad network similar to Google AdWords/AdSense, Yahoo! YPN, Bidvertiser and many others. The difference is we've combined all the marketing mediums you have always dreamed of using all in one place. You'll be able to use text and image advertising, rich media (video & flash), CPM, CPA, interstitials and even co-registrations.

Target your visitors and presell your prospects.

You will be able to select all categories you wish to advertise in to help focus and target what kind of visitors you want for your business. After this process, we will dynamically generate and deliver your ads according to its keywords.

What we do is send out nanobots to get information from all of our publishers' website by crawling through all of their pages and keeping note of all the keywords of each page. When a visitor stops by their website, it will generate an ad that is closely related to the keyword of each page. This significantly increases your level of exposure and help target your customers before they even come to your website.

Stop worrying about paying out the ear on fraudulant clicks.

Each click is counted only within a 12-hour session. Even if they clicked on your ad a billion times, you will only pay what you offered to pay PER click, per 12 hours, per visitor, per ad.

We have also strategically designed our ad delivery system to learn about the visitor's activity and make them click! This is where smart-advertising plays a key role in your advertising success. We won't display your ad on the same page over and over and over again when it just gets ignored.

Some ad networks think that the more exposure you get, the more likely you'll get clicked on. EHH! If you get seen too much in one place, you simply get remembered and you get ignored! We prevent that by learning how the visitor is browsing a particular website and change your ads until the visitor finally clicks. Now that's smart advertising!

Block unwanted ads and unrelevant publishers!

If your website is about shoes, it's not wise to have ads about dolls. If your product/business is about home improvement, you don't want your ads to be seen on a winery website. It only makes sense to have related ads on related websites.

With FAN, you will be able to decide on who best fits your criteria. If you don't want a certain category to show up, just don't select them. If your ad is being shown on a website you don't like, block it directly. If you don't like any of the websites the publisher has, you can even block the publisher!

Sounds horrible, we know, but it's all about being fair. We've heard of advertisers wanting to block specific websites but the publisher keeps coming out with new domains and it's hard to keep up with. Well, now you can block the publisher or ad completely so you will have only the ads you want on your website.

You'll also be able to build a passive and residual income. No other existing ad network is doing this.

With FAN, you can earn an income regardless of whether you register as an advertiser or a publisher. In fact, you can even register as both! You can even transfer your funds back and forth as you please! You'll have complete control over your money. Hey, it's your money, right? So you should be able to do what you want with it.

1. When you refer other advertisers to our service, you will earn 8% of every amount they fund into their account. So if they deposit $100, you earn $8. If they deposit $200, you get $16. Unlike many ad networks, that's on every deposit - forever!

2. When you refer other publishers to our service, you will earn $4 every time they reach $50 through publishing. For instance, if your referral earns $200 through publishing, you get a bonus of $16! If your referral earns $1,000, you get a bonus of $80!

Don't be fooled by companies that claim to give you 10-50% commission on your referral's work. Seriously, how do you think their company will stay alive and pay you? That's why you hear so many negative things about these ad networks not paying you when it is time to pay up.

3. To learn what else we offer, please be sure to go beyond contextual advertising.

Versatile and effecient payment processing.

You'll be able to fund your account with PayPal, credit card, e-Gold, e-Bullion and wire-transfer.

Less delay time in approving your ads.

Publishers who select to show ads in the same category you wish to advertise will see the ads you submit. The publishers will then vote whether to approve or disapprove your ads. It takes 10 approvals by our publishers for your ads to be approved. If it gets disapproved by 3 publishers, it will then be passed on to our staff to review your ad. We will then notify you if further changes are necessary.

We also accept NGOs/non-profit organizations.

Here's a funny twist you've never heard of. We are allowing NGOs and non-profit organizations to promote their cause absolutely free. The way it works though, is you must go through a thorugh screening process - verification of address, contact information, legal paperwork, proof of organizations, supporters and statements from proper authority.

After you have been thoroughly screened and approved our publishers must also agree to display non-profit ads on their site. When they do, your ads will be delivered on to their pages regularly just like any other advertiser.

Again, we are in prelaunch and accepting 8,220 members to participate in our Beta. Even if you don't think Google and YPN can't be beat, don't miss out on the opportunity to report it to your friends and family. We are partnering up with and also working out a deal with another company to gain a handfull of programmers who each have 10-15 years of programming experience. Get ready to say goodbye to the contextual ad networks you knew.

Before you decide to register, please

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