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About Us

The mastermind behind Fair Ads Network is Kevin Lam, CEO and co-owner. He's a 23 year-old, happily married husband and a full time U.S. Navy sailor who had been doing Internet marketing years before he even joined the military. After 3 years off the market, he decided to get back into it again. This time, hitting it hard.

Despite his limited and busy schedule, he has always found the time to help others through his private forum and emails. His ability to conjure up new ideas and concepts on how to market in the quickest and most efficient ways have caught the attention of multi-millionaires and even multi-million dollar companies.

Along side him is his partner and co-owner, Konstantin Boyandin. Konstantin is a Russian resident who has been working in the IT industry since 1990. He is also happily married and has one wonderful son. He fluently speaks 3 different languages and reads in 6. He has 6 hard-cover fiction books published and also a poetry and prose translator/composer.

He carefully screens all codes and looks for possible security loopholes or breaches of our database. In fact, that is what he's done for a living for over 15 years at his company. He is THE ultimate programmer and makes all the functionality possible; without him, FAN would not be a reality.

FAN all started because Kevin got his publisher account closed without explanation by an unmentionable company. He was out at sea on a deployment when he received that unfortunate message. In spite of that and realizing how many people were getting frustrated with these ad networks that either close their account, don't pay or don't pay enough, he started his own. It's time people get treated fairly.

Even with all the discouragements from other marketers saying that it is impossible to compete against these giants, Kevin and Konstantin have teamed up together to create Fair Ads Network. This is a true David vs. Goliath in the making. It's only the beginning of their journey; so, let's see where it leads.

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